Those expensive ways of having security systems are not your sole option. Actually, there are a lot of cost-effective ways to make your house burglar-proof. Even though you have enough budget for the protection of your residential home, it would be unwise to neglect the important steps, which are the home security’s cornerstone. Below are some of the leading inexpensive method to makes your home theft-proof, which you can actually have immediately.  

Be wise regarding your hide-a-key 

You can attract opportunistic intruders if you usually hide your key in predictable spaces such as a flower near your front door or hide it under the mat. Rather, you can provide a spare key to a neighbor that you really trust or opt for placing it on unexpected hiding places. 

Utilize motion-sensing lights outside and inside  

If you have regular lights, you can consider to switch it with a motion sensor lights or by installing a motion detection adapter within a socket and a regular bulb. For outside, they will place a spotlight on anybody who will attempt to scoop out of your home and the visibility alone might never be enough to prevent possible burglars on their way. Once they attempt to get in your home, the indoor versions would make it more difficult for them to be undetected as they move around. You can contact Chicago Security Systems to have it installed in your home now.  

Reinforce hardware, locks, and windows 

What if you have solid-like and durable locks but your hardware, windows, or doors are flimsy and weak? A kick or a well-positioned slam can let someone get in your home in just a matter of seconds.  Try to check your entire entry points, particularly those you can find on the first floor and prepare to reinforce, repair, or replace them if required. 

Have your locks updated 

If you have never attempted to update your locks, do an inventory. Are your locks damaged? Does someone have an extra key to your locks? Or are there parts of your house that can easily be bumped and picked open? If your usual answers to these questions are yes, then now must be the best time to have your locks replaced, updated, or re-keyed with more tamper-proof types. To begin with, guarantee that the entire doors you have are ANSI Grade 2 or Grade 1 deadbolts.  

Make sure to lock all your windows and doors  

Just think about the saying that good habits come a long way. In terms of home break-ins, statistics show that a lot of thieves are only searching for easy targets. In fact, the majority of stealing and invasion cases occur during daylight hours and they are usually finished within only 8 to 10 min. 23 percent get in via a first-floor window, and 34 percent of the intruders enter through the front door. Hence, thieves are just searching for properties that they can easily access and appears to be empty. Because of this, it is always advisable to lock your windows or doors every time you are away or even while you’re at home.