If the air filters aren’t regularly replaced, they tend to become clogged by the buildup of pollutants and particles that attaches to the filter. While the filter is intended to cater to these tiny items, the accumulation makes a nearly impenetrable barrier for the air to no flow through completely, which can cause several issues for the whole HVAC system. Here’s what happens if you do not replace your air filters:

Furnace failures

While the system is working overtime to pass through your clogged air filters, it can eventually make your whole HVAC system overwork. If this happens, expect that it will break sooner or later. Hence, you will be required to change the whole system and it can be costly— costing nearly from 4,000 to 12,000 dollars. Commonly, air filters cost less compared to 40 dollars. Hence, they can easily be replaced often compared to changing the whole HVAC system.

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Health concerns

When the air filter becomes clogged, it will start to fail trapping contaminants as it usually should. In this case, such contaminants can be returned in the air that all of your household members breathe in. Immediate problems can possibly occur like dizziness, itchy throat or eyes, and headaches. Once you fail to replace your air filters and this problem still endures, the long-term effects can possibly cause cancer, heart disease, or respiratory diseases.

Poor regulation of temperature

Clogged air filters cause the system the urge to make airflow. Because of this, cool or warm air can’t sufficiently go where it’s required. Meaning, other rooms can be too cold in the winter season or extremely hot during the summer season.

Increased energy consumption

Once your filters are already clogged, it can’t just flow through the system. This can cause the entire system to function overtime to try to compensate and distribute the air or heat where it’s required. If this occurs, it can surely boost your utility bills because the air runs for a longer time.

Clamped up coils

Having evaporative coils can aid to eliminate heat from the air to maintain the coolness of your home. However, they can possibly freeze up especially if they become overworked. If your air filter is clogged, the air will not flow over the coils properly, making them halt from working. As a result, the entire system will fail. Again, the cost to repair this problem is more than just buying a new air filter every a couple of months. Make sure to secure your wallet and protect your HVAC system by regularly changing your air filters.

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