We understand that as busy as we are, we sometimes overlook the necessity to provide regular maintenance and cleaning to our house specifically our windows. In fact, according to a survey, a big population of Unite States is busy with their job, if not with their academics and/or personal errands. So, instead of sacrificing some free time during weekends, we opt for relying on different services for windows, floors, and/or carpets. Some of us might even type ‘window cleaners near me’ or ‘carpet cleaners near me,” and guess what, these are some of the most searched services in the United States. However, before you jump into a decision of hiring a prospective company service, we would like to give these tips for you to avoid hiring a service that will just scam you.

Avoid the connecting with a company that does the following:

1.Does not provide proof for their insurance and them being bonded

When a worker or a cleaner is not provided with insurance by their company, you will become the liable person for whatever might happen to him/her. Also, when problems happen during the cleaning session, you cannot ask them for liable if they don’t have insurance. When you can’t provide liability, there is a chance that you could be sued.

If they claim they have, ask them to prove it.

2.They send a non-skilled cleaner

There are companies that promise you heaven and earth when it comes to their service. However, little do you know that their workers are unskilled and do not have the proper training. These workers are called “warm bodies,” which means individuals who were easily hired because they are the cheapest and most available people to do the work without even qualifying to some standards. To avoid this, you can ask the company how they screen their workers to see an overview of their employee standards.

3. Their employees are unidentifiable

Professional service companies care about being known as they are highly confident with the service that they do and provide. By this say, professional and legitimate companies provide uniforms to their employees for easy recognition. Although it is not a direct implication of bad quality service, the company that doesn’t provide identity to its employees impose a security threat if you allow them in your house.

4.They do not communicate

Communication is multifaceted. This means to say that there are a lot of aspects you need to consider when it comes to communication. Are their employees could achieve conversational English? Does the company communicate with their employees and make sure that they are provided with adequate support? Does the company communicate with you and provide you with appropriate feedback for your demands and questions? If you feel they lack communication, it is better to steer away from this company and o\look for something that is able to communicate and be visible and transparent when it comes to transactions.

Before you hire a professional cleaning service, make sure you are well-equipped with the knowledge to avoid being a victim to scams.